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Business Credit Reports are the beating heart of our business – full of rich high-quality data they remain simple and easy to use letting you make better decisions.
Our business credit reports contain all the information that you would expect in a comprehensive business credit report – including an overall score and credit risk rating — presented in an easy-to-use format. Key information is available at a glance on every page that you would need to make an informed appraisal of the risk associated with doing business with another company.

How we make them

To create our business credit reports, we start with the original source or the best third-party verified data available covering all US businesses (excluding self-completed information). We then cross-reference it with our own international databases to build our online business credit reports.

Our trade payment lines enable us to calculate an accurate picture of a business' payment performance and allow you to gauge how they rank against their industry. With market-leading numbers of partners, we have in excess of 100 million trade payment lines in our databases. On average we provide over 50 lines of information in each delivered report and show more than one line on at least 24 million businesses.


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