Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning


Cleanse, enhance & de-dupe existing customer records in the UK or overseas

Assess your data with a free data health check

By matching your data to our own information on over 240 million companies worldwide we are able to highlight duplicate or expired records, evaluate the credit risk of your customers and analyse industry, geography and employee trends within your database.

Discover how up-to-date your data really is by taking advantage of a free data health check.

Improve the accuracy & integrity of your customer data with Creditsafe

Once you receive your free data health check report you will be able to analyse the quality of your customer database and choose to update and enhance your data with additional quality information from the Creditsafe database.

Enhance your database by:
PAF validating address information
Removing duplicate records
Screening against the TPS, CTPS & FPS*
Removing non-trading companies
Enhancing missing customer information
Appending employee numbers and turnover
Bulk credit checking your customer base
Appending additional contact information
Appending new phone numbers


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