Why should I use a Business Credit Report?

Using a Company Credit Report helps protect your business from the threat of bad debt. You can use credit reports to help you make informed business decisions in relation to who you should be doing business with, reducing your exposure to risk and protecting your cash flow.

How do you indicate if a company is creditworthy?

We highlight creditworthiness through our "traffic light" system of credit scoring – red advises you to be cautious and request a cash payment; yellow suggests that you negotiate short payment terms; and green gives you a positive credit decision. Our credit rating provides a score of 1-100, plus a credit limit for that company is given alongside the rating so you know what they can and can’t afford.

Can I see a sample report before I buy one?

Yes. You can request a free sample report here, which will show the high quality of the data and depth of information we can provide.

Can my company’s rating or limit be changed if we provide additional information?

Yes. If you provide contact information for companies that invoice you, we will contact them to see if they will possibly report their trade file to us so that your report will be more accurate. For disputes such as a tax lien or judgment, if you have a receipt of payment, you can send it to us and we will update your report. Please contact uspainfo@creditsafe.com for more information.

Why are there no Officers or Shareholders listed?

The only public data source for Shareholders is the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and only a few thousand companies are regulated there. All other information is gathered from marketing sources and research. Additionaly, only some states share director/officer information with business registrations. Again, the rest of the companies require marketing source and research to gather the information. Not all businesses can be contacted easily to do this.

You have a different company address to the one we have, why is this?

The address listed on the Company Credit Report is the registered address for the business and you may have the address of their accountant for example. For all the official information you can check the company information tab for the trading address to ensure that your records match.


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