Trade Payment Data

Trade Payment Data

What are the benefits?
A greater understanding of how your customers pay you and your competitors;
Better protection for your company against late payers;
A complete overview of where your debt sits to assess your most “at risk” customer payments;
An improvement of Credit Control process which in turn will allow you to get paid faster.

Why Join?
Free to join with no cost to you.
Get early warnings of customers who may pose a risk.
Expose late payers and reward prompt payers.
Email updates when information and scores change. 3D Ledger

In 2015, 60% of Invoices were paid late contributing to 20,000 company closures in the same year and over 70,000 in the past 3 years. Can you afford not to share?

What is Trade Payment data?

Trade Payment Data helps you manage and improve your cash collection strategies by combining your customer’s payment data with our International Payment Database to provide you with the ultimate solution in managing risk exposure and cash collection strategies.

By anonymously sharing your ledger information, you can access real time information about your customers’ payment trends and history.

A change in a customer payment habits is a key identifier of possible financial difficulty and represents one of the most predictive elements when analysing a company’s creditworthiness before financial documents such as balance sheets are filed.

In 2015, 60% of invoices were paid late contributing to 20,000 company closures in the same year and over 70,000 in the past 3 years.

How can it help?
Failed businesses show signs of delayed or missed payments earlier
Provides up to date information on your customer’s payment habits.
Significantly increases predictability of company failures.
Payment data is one of the most important component when formulating your credit scores.


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