Working for Us

Working for Us

Working at Creditsafe is a rollercoaster experience. Who wouldn’t love to be a part of an amazing work culture in a welcoming environment. We are rated UK’s top 100 companies to work for consecutive 7th year. We incorporate the right blend of commitment, hard work and passion for our work. Associating with Creditsafe is a brilliant work experience in a friendly environment. Yes we love to work with enthusiasm which makes our work culture unique. At Creditsafe, we use the most advanced softwares and sophisticated infrastructure to keep our people vibrant and geared up.

At Creditsafe Group, we take the initiative to celebrate every occasion from company holiday to Alcudia, Majorca in celebration of Creditsafe Group’s 15th and 20th Birthday.

We are always in the hunt for the right talent who are motivated and willing to be a part of our exciting team. You will be amazed to have the most exciting career and explore the endless opportunities to learn and grow at a fast pace. Creditsafe is the most credible and trusted provider for generating quality business reports, business information services globally. We are expanding at a fast pace and the ideal candidate will have the best work experience working for us. Ideal candidates are expected to have eloquent communication skills, clear and confident presentation to handle International clients over the telephone. If you possess the high level of personal drive and positivity, why wait? We look forward for amazing people like you.

We offer all our staff training and personal development, keeping the spirit alive in our employees happy is our highest priority. We hold regular team meets to never let the gap creep in between the employees and the management. Come join Creditsafe, to kickstart your career!

So if you want to be part of a strong, fast paced, happy team then      apply today!


Creditsafe Technology,
Megrish Towers,
9-10-21/A, Patrika Nagar,
Madhapur, Hyderabad 500081,
Phone : +91 40-42305460

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Founded on the core philosophies of software engineering, Creditsafe Technology brings the best practices from Development and Quality Assurance